So what’s it like for you?

We want your thoughts and opinions. What’s it like for you, as a Londoner, during the 2 weeks of the Games?

Use the hashtag #citizencurators to tweet your point of view. A moment, an observation, an annoyance, something that made you laugh, something that speaks of what its like to be in London while the Olympics are on.

You can see an edited stream of each days tweets at

Tweet anything:

@tatishtotle_ “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.” Boris you should have gone to Specsavers. #citizencurators

@realnickperry: There’a something both disconcerting and exciting about seeing landmark buildings taken over by entire nations for month #citizencurators

@deedeesvintage: Free park tickets are a belated gesture to the residents of @wickvillage. At first they wanted £16 and no one bought them. #citizencurators

@ssswani: Olympics countdown: no hustle and bustle, it’s such a lovely British summer day @ Deptford park #citizencurators


It doesnt matter if you live and work in Harlow, Croydon or Richmond – or the Olympic boroughs. Your life during the Games is relevant no matter where you are or what is happening. Sunshine or rain, people watching or at work, shopping or cycling, torch bearer or protester.

If you tweet with the hashtag #citizencurators your tweet will become part of the public history of London, in the collection the Museum of London. It’s a world first (we think!) to crowd-sample an historical record this way, as it’s happening. And by letting the citizens of the city be the curators.

We have recruited a brilliant team of volunteer #citizencurators who will be tweeting daily – but we want more voices than that, more points of view.

So go on, tweet your story…

And we are creating a Storify for each day of the Olympics as a taster of the#citizencurators tweets. Check them out here.


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About citizencurators

Life in London during the Games #Citizencurators is a history project that will record the experience of Londoners during the Olympic fortnight. Created for the Museum of London #Citizencurators will collect tweets, moments and images using social networking to tell the story of everyday life in the capital.

One thought on “So what’s it like for you?

  1. It’s great that MOL is holding this forum during the games. I’m in the process of completing a new site London Starts Here A Blog that will encourage contributions from Londoners, once the games are over enabling visitors to find the lesser known points of interest in London.

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