The #citizencurators team

We are thrilled to announce our team of #citizencurators. They will be recording their life in London during the Olympics through twitter.

We had applications from all across London and from all sorts of Londoners – and we decided that 12 was too few to choose. The tweeters we invited to join us as our #citizencurators come from North, West and South London as well as ones who are living and working right in the Games Zone.

But anyone can be a tweeter for #citizencurators. Just tweet whenever you think there is something you want to share and comment on during the Olympic fortnight. Please join us if you want to by using the #citizencurators hashtag. Or to ask us more please tweet us @citizencurators.

Let’s meet our #citizencurators:

Further information on the #citizencurators, or their bios, is available on the twitter profiles which are linked above.

About citizencurators

Life in London during the Games #Citizencurators is a history project that will record the experience of Londoners during the Olympic fortnight. Created for the Museum of London #Citizencurators will collect tweets, moments and images using social networking to tell the story of everyday life in the capital.

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