So what do we want our #citizencurators to do?

We want a group #citizencurators who will each take on a distinct role. Each of these will give the Museum of London an insider view of London life.


(1) The citizen journalist. We are looking for 6 people to record their experience of the Olympic fortnight in London. We want our 6 to consistently tweet using the #citizencurators hasthtag in a way that will create a running story about what is happening in their lives, what activities they are engaged in, what London is like to be in and what interests them. This will be as text but could also include images, links, audio. This will provide us with an ongoing ‘tweet-journals’ – giving a concentrated indepth view – but from a social networked perspective rather than traditionally sole-authored ‘diaries’. We’ll collect the entire stream and the interactions and conversations so that we preserve the dialogues over the two weeks. Obviously we are asking people who are going to be our citizen journalists to guarantee a certain amount of ‘twitter-time’ per day.


(2) The citizen collector. We want 6 people to nominate objects or artefacts for the Museum. Each day we want each person to select an ‘object of the day’ that in some way is representative, symbolic or typical of being in London during the games. They can be objects that are extra-ordinary or everyday, personal or very public. An object could be anything from a traffic cone, a tee-shirt, a tour bus or a signpost. What ever strikes you. We want our collectors to post instagrams or twitpics of the objects they chose everyday and tweet about their choices. And of course when there are responses, to reply to people’s comments. We are interested in the objects but also in the the way that they may resonate with other people – how social meaning is built up collectively, and sometimes how object have different meanings when considered from different contexts. At the end of the Olympic fortnight we will ask each of the object collectors to nominate one of their objects as the most significant one, and we will put it forward to the Collections Committee of the Museum as a potential acquisition if it is suitable for them.


(3) Regular tweeteers. We want everyday, regular Twitter users to use the #citizencurators hasthtag. Just tweet like you normally do and use the #citizencurators hashtag. Ultimately by following typical tweeters we want to collect streams that document peoples’ lives in London during the Games in a way that reflects the normal use of social media, not something out of the ordinary. We’ll follow you and collect your tweets.


We’ll be making our selection of people based in part on how they reflect the diversity and people and localities in London.


We will run a daily edited Storify as a compendium and this will be the public face to the project – the the most important aspect of the project is the legacy. Our #citizencurators will be helping to record a history of London for the Museum.


[Please note: these pictures are street-snaps and represent indicative mobile-users in action, in London on a typical day. They dont necessarily represent participants in the project. And we're happy to remove any images at the subject's request.]


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About citizencurators

Life in London during the Games #Citizencurators is a history project that will record the experience of Londoners during the Olympic fortnight. Created for the Museum of London #Citizencurators will collect tweets, moments and images using social networking to tell the story of everyday life in the capital.

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