So what do we want our #citizencurators to do?

We want a group #citizencurators who will each take on a distinct role. Each of these will give the Museum of London an insider view of London life.


(1) The citizen journalist. We are looking for 6 people to record their experience of the Olympic fortnight in London. We want our 6 to consistently tweet using the #citizencurators hasthtag in a way that will create a running story about what is happening in their lives, what activities they are engaged in, what London is like to be in and what interests them. This will be as text but could also include images, links, audio. This will provide us with an ongoing ‘tweet-journals’ – giving a concentrated indepth view – but from a social networked perspective rather than traditionally sole-authored ‘diaries’. We’ll collect the entire stream and the interactions and conversations so that we preserve the dialogues over the two weeks. Obviously we are asking people who are going to be our citizen journalists to guarantee a certain amount of ‘twitter-time’ per day. Continue reading