Do Junkyards Buy Cars?

No one wants an old junk car sitting around taking up space and annoying the neighbors. If your car has come to the end of the road it may still be worth a little bit of money. Junkyards are more than happy to help you get rid of old cars, and put a little cash in your pocket as well. Junkyards purchase old cars and cars that have been in wrecks. The reason they do they do so is that they can make a profit by selling the cars for parts and scrap metal. Selling your old car to the local junkyard is good for you, good for other people in search of parts, and good for the environment.

Reasons to Sell Your Car

- It will get an unwanted vehicle off your property. Your neighbors and wife will be happy.
- You will put extra cash in your pocket.
- The working parts of the vehicle will put to good use by other vehicle owners.
- You are helping someone else out who is searching for parts for a similar vehicle.

Why Selling to A Junkyard Is A Good Idea
- It is the best way to make a profit on a old junk car.
- The selling process is simple and easy.
- Recycling an old vehicle is good for the environment. Producing new vehicle parts uses energy and resources. Junkyards sell the working parts of junk cars to customers. The remaining parts of the car are used for scrap metal.
- Junkyards also remove and recycle fluids and hazardous materials.

Why A Junkyard Wants to Buy Your Car

- Junkyards wants are in the business of making money.
- Old cars can be turned around for a profit. The majority of people in search of spare parts visit a junkyard. This requires very little work on the junkyard’s part. Customers typically search the old cars and remove the parts that they want.
- Junkyards are not particular. They will buy all makes and models of domestic and foreign cars and vehicles. If the car is not running they will be happy to pick it up.


Where Can I Find A Junk yard such as this?

Their are numerous junk yards out there so finding one can be a little time consuming. Although, your best bet is to check online and search for a junk yard in your area ex.)  junk yard San Diego.  Since, I’m from San Diego I can suggest a local junk yard which you can find here.  Other then that you’re pretty much on your own but like I said a quick online search should be able to help focus your search for the right place.


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